My Style Of Writing Gives Me A Single URL For My Thoughts

I was just having a conversation with a friend on a social network about test-driven development (TDD) and behavior-driven development (BDD), as we progressed through the conversation I used both my blogs and as references for thoughts I've had on the subject, providing them with a single URL to get more information from me.

I shared URLs for 3-5 ideas/thoughts I've me a much better way to recall what I know and thoughts I've had -- from within my domain. I have 10 years of posts on, and I am approaching 7 years on This gives me an efficient way to recall thoughts I've had, build on them, and quickly share and convey these thoughts to others using URLs.

This process also drives people to my websites, hopefully building trust with them when it comes to my domains. When you want information on APIs, you go to When you want slightly deranged rants about technology that may or may not make sense, you go to I'm working on improved tagging across my content, something that ultimately is a manual thing, as nobody knows the content of my work like I do.

I do not obsess over SEO for my websites. The natural progression of my research, and focus on helping people understand the world of APIs, lends itself nicely to having a wealth of links, and interconnected stories about a wide range of topics I care about--which translates to some healthy organically generated SEO. Talking through this stuff helps me execute on this stuff consistently, and the more I write, the ideas I have, and the more URLs I have to share--which makes all of this go round for me, and hopefully you along the way.