Writing Blog Posts That Increases Page Views, But Minimizes Shares

Often times I feel like I'm swimming upstream in my daily work. My work is not ad-based. It is based upon individual human relationships that I have with actual people. Remember people? Those are the carbon life forms we all have to meet with in the real world,Not the virtual representations we interact with online each day. 

Often times I feel like I am working with a balance of the two. I need the page views to justify the relationships that I establish online, but if I do not enforce them offline--they mean nothing! Everything I do occurs as an online transaction, but the money does not ever actually transact unless the relationships are enforced in an offline environment.

The most value I generate daily, exists beyond the page view, after the view, and at the point of receipt...which is impossible to measure in a digital sense. The only thing I can do i stay true to is the delivery, and not get caught up in measuring the view, which quicly disappears before the receipt is ever acknowledged. This is the digital economy. I just do not have the time to wait, I have to get back to producing, and delivering.

Sure, some other party can step in and care about the view, and struggle to understand the receipt, but this is what record labels, publishers, and other middleman have done through the ages. i do not have time for this. I am a creator. I am the source. I generate the exhaust, and leave to the rest of you to determine the value, and fight over the scraps. 

I am maximizing the view, but minimizing the share. Most that read what I write do not want to share. They want to keep for themselves. This an entirely different market than the PPV and PPC world that is being monetized as we speak. How do we incite, rather than extract and monetize? Inciting is a much more difficult challenge than simply getting rich off the emotion that we invoke in others--for me, I need to everything to actually result in action, rather than just a response. 

As i look through the "numbers", I cannot help but think everyone is looking, but holding back when it comes to the actual sharing--I will something I will explore further in future posts.