Kin Lane


Here are an assortment of videos from work over the last decade of speaking and storytelling.

Red Hat Government Symposium

Capital One Interview 2017

CA Open APIs Tech Talk w/ API Evangelist Kin Lane

Kin Lane (The API Evangelist) at APIdays Mediterranea 2015: A Community Driven API Lifecyce.

Apigee - I Love APIs - 2015

Tech Forum: Kin Lane -- APIs All Around Us (BYU)

Reclaiming Educational Technology: The Business and Politics of Edtech

Reclaiming Educational Technology: the business and politics of edtech from UCalgary Taylor Institute on Vimeo.

Panel: Public Sector APIs: API Design, Deployment, and Management For Greater Good

API360 Summit: Open Data Panel

Open APIs Tech Talk w/ API Evangelist Kin Lane

Disrupting the Car Industry - Kin Lane at API Days SF 2014

Reclaim Your Domain: A Discussion with Audrey Watters and Kin Lane

Minding the Future | #Open VA at Universitiy of Mary Washington

Morning Keynote | InstructureCon 2013

The API Driven World Around You | InstructureCon 2013

APIDays Mediterranea - Business of APIs

API Days, Paris France 2012 - The Secret to a Successful API is Internal

API Days, Paris France 2012 - Business Models For Your API as Startup

API Days, Paris France 2012

The Business of APIs: Elastic Path Interviews API Evangelist