You can contact me with any questions or comments using the channels below, and I am happy to try and respond. I am bombarded with a lot of messages via different channels, so please be patient with me as I work my way through.

  • LinkedIn - I tune into my LinkedIn usually about once a week to understand what is happening across my network.

  • Github - My entire network runs on Github, use the issue management for any of my sites–here is the repo for API Evangelist.

  • Do Something Interesting - Do something interesting, and get the word out via your blog, Twitter, or Github, and I’ll notice, and probably reach out.

  • Email - I try to work through my email, but I get more than I can process. I do my best, but email isn’t always the most efficient.

This site contains my personal stories, and my therapy. These blog posts aren’t for you, they are for me. The storytelling here is letting me work through some of the dark things I have experienced in my past, as well as what I see today. You will find that things are getting increasingly bright as I work through things.

I am happy to entertain your thoughts and feedback.