Making Sure My Stories Are Linked Properly

When I craft a story for any of my blogs, I use a single content management system that I custom built on top of my blog API. I'm always looking to make it more valuable to my readers by providing the relevant links, but also make it more discover-able, and link-able within my content management and contact relationship management system.

I keep track of how many times I reference companies and people within articles, and the presence of Twitter accounts, and website URLs is how I do this. So when I am writing articles, it is important that people and companies are linked up properly. Here is an example from a post I just wrote, for the API consumption panel at @APIStrat (it hasn't been published yet).

I have tried to automate this in my CMS, so when it sees someones Twitter account, or a company name that already exists in my system, it recommends a link. However it is still up to me to ok the addition of links to Twitter handles, and company names. I do not like this to be fully automated, because I like to retain full editorial control.

I am just sharing this, so that it gets baked into my operations, and I remember to use the link system more, but also just acknowledge how much work it is to make all of my storytelling work, but that ultimately it is worth it. Formally telling on my blog is how I make sure all of this continues to be a reality across my operations.