The Schizophrenia of Hacker Storytelling

I wanted to take a moment to point out a larger illness in the online world we’ve created for ourselves, while also pointing out my own complicity and illness along the way. My goal is to shed light on problems across the space, and the ultimate denial of tech blogosphere that they are clinically ill, and should quit their jobs today, and get the help they need—right now!!

I spend my days reading, analyzing, and ultimately telling stories about how technology is impacting “my life” as a white, privileged male--this is what you do in 2014, in hopes of remaining relevant in the digital economy. Wait no the app economy! Wait no the API economy! Fuck I don’t know what I’m trying to remain relevant in, but you get my point—relevance is everything!

Let’s walk through today's story, spread across four separate domains, to demonstrate the illness in the sector:

I’m continuing my efforts to strike a balance in the schizophrenia that exists within the API space. The release of the API.Report is a symptom of a larger illness I suffer from, needing to vent daily news stories, while also applying my analysis of the tech, business, and politics of the API space on API Evangelist and API Voice. All along the way I can't help myself, and I tend to just make shit up so I can stay sane, resulting in the Alternate Kin Lane.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not at all bitching. I would complain, but I’m loving it all so much, that is until until I don’t. Thank you for riding the roller coaster with me. :-)