GlueCon 2011 Recap

I wanted to take some time and recap my thoughts from the 2011 Glue Conference.

A lot happened last week, but I wanted to highlight some of the sessions and discussions that really stuck with me.

First, it was one of the best events I've been to in a while. The event is about everything I focus on in my career: web applications, APIs, data, and open-source.

To the kick off, I recall Laura Merling of Alcatel-Lucent focusing on video, mobile and the huge potential within emerging markets in her Flipping the Bird(s) on the Traditional Data Model talk.

Then John Musser of ProgrammableWeb gave his talk onThe State of the API Marketplace, with the amazing growth in number of APIs, and how the simplicity of REST and JSON are essential.

I couldn't help but enjoy Clay Loveless helping us learn Lessons from the Failure of SOAP, and declare SOAP is not dead, its undead!

Next I made my Gluecon debut with Justin Tormey of Alcatel-Lucent in Finishing School for Potential API Providers, where we both shared our experiences regarding whats necessary for API owners are up against after deploying their APIs.

I cut out early and ran to the main room for What's next for API's where I gave my version of whats next for the API industry along with Sam Ramji of Apigee, Delyn Simons of Mashery; and Scott Monson of Alcatel-Lucent. There was so much discussed, its going to take me many more blog posts to cover.

The next day I remember walking away from Marten Mickos talk on The Stack is Dead with a head full of thoughts on the role of APIs in business today. I can't remember everything Mickos the former CEO of MySQL and now Eucalyptus Systems said, but I felt compelled to tell him in person how important it is that there are an open set of tools for API owners to deploy.

Then Jeff Lawson of Twilio gave an important talk on The Business of APIs, and how a self-service ecosystem is the mating call of the doers, and attract the right type of people to make your API successful.

Then I sat in on Jeremie Miller's session on The Locker Project and Telehash. I feel Telehash is one of the most important technologies that is evolving today. I have some Node.js learning to do before I can get totally up to speed, but Telehash is set to change the way the Internet and the world operates. You just wait and see.

Gluecon wrapped up with a sobering talk from Pete Warden about Promiscuous Data and the big problems that are emerging from the vast amounts of data being published, leaked, and scraped on the Internet today. Leaving me with an unsettling feeling about the big problems we face, and how important it is that find solutions to connect as well as secure this data.

I never left the Omni Resort where the event was held. I ate, drank and met some amazing people who are delivering solutions in some of the most important technology sectors today.

This post is just to help me process some of what happened. I have a lot of notes to still make sense of. More to come.