Digital Contracts with DocuSign API and Mimeo Connect

The Internet has changed how we do business, and more specifically how we obtain signatures for client contracts. Using paper documents to finalize transactions, sending documents back and forth can be costly and time consuming, especially in today's fast-paced industries, with multiple partners, vendors and global work teams.

The online document signature service DocuSign, lets you get your documents signed online, with accuracy, and saving time. DocuSign offers several electronic signature solutions for any industry, including enterprise and small business tools for Saleforce, Iphone and IPad, as well as an API for deeper integration.

kinlane-productions2kinlane-productions2 The DocuSign system allows document owners to send individual or groups of documents, identify where initials and signatures are needed. Recipients can securely sign online using the DocuSign web or mobile interface. The system provides a secure, verifiable signature solution with a complete audit trail.

Even though the DocuSign solution is meant to make more efficient usage of paper documents, doesn't mean printing of documents is completely out of the picture.

Using DocuSign API and Mimeo Connect Print API developers could create custom contract an agreement solutions that use DocuSign for the negotations and signature, while delivering final, signed, physical copies using Mimeo Connect and Fedex.

This is a great use of technology for making business more efficient, while still delivering the physical copies of contracts businesses are used to.