Read It Later Binder Using Instapaper

Instapaper is a dead simple tool to save web pages for reading later. It allows bookmarking of web pages, blog posts and any web or mobile content. Once bookmarked the content is available for reading on Instapaper web site and mobile.

Instapaper enables users to save web content using browser bookmarklets, IPhone or IPad App, Email, and is available in a long list of other web and mobile applications.

Instaper provides a RESTFUL API for developers to post content to any users Instapaper account, and a read API is available for users who have a paid account.

Instpaper does one thing, and does it very well: Save content for reading it later.kinlane-productions2

I personally use Instapaper for reading long form content like whitepapers, articles, and blog posts on my IPad or Android tablet. I bookmark content through the week and come the weekend I can read at my leisure away from the computer. It becomes my replacement for the Sunday edition of the paper.

Not all users have made the transition to digital consumption of their content, and are still used to reading in a print format.

I would like to see a developer build an application that would pull a users list of active posts to Instapaper every Thursday night (or other schedule) and push to Mimeo Connect REST API for printing in a binder. The user would receive their binder by Friday at end of business and could consume over the weekend.

This tool could be used beyond just weekly reading and allow other one or many users to aggregate content from various sources using Instapaper, then publish in a binder for a target audience to consume.

With its simple web interface, mobile applications, integrations into other applications, and an API it makes perfect tool for publishers to use as a content aggregation tool.

Mimeo Connect Print on Demand Application Idea: