IPad as a Curation Tool

Google Reader is the primary application I use for information curation. I currently have 572 subscriptions that I stay on top of daily. I just cleaned this list of RSS subscriptions up to keep moremanageableand realistic.

If I don't stop what I"m doing every 3-4 hours and read, my posts get out of hand. I try to avoid the dreaded +(1000).

I don't see this as information overload, I see it as not properly applying filters and tools.

One tool proving to be critical in my daily digestion and curation of my RSS feeds in Google Reader is my IPad.

I can digest and curate hundreds of posts much quicker than on my laptop. Not sure why, it just works.

I'm trying to stop every 2 hours and digest my feeds on IPad, it is a nice break from my laptop / workstation. I find I read more, tag more and share more via my IPad.