Moment - Scheduled Jobs API

A big part of the web applications I build, is usually some sort of jobs management. Most functionality is triggered based upon user generated events. However there are many times where I need to schedule something as a job.

I run most of my web applications on a Windows 2008 server, this is the platform I'm moskinlane-productions2o I use the task scheduler built into the platform. When I migrate applications off my native development environment I need a better way to trigger scheduled jobs.

I found Moment, a Software as a Service (SaaS) for scheduling jobs. They provide a simple RESTful API for scheduling HTTP based jobs you need to run.

I tend to just create my jobs as simple PHP scripts and expose them at a non-indexed public URL. So Moment is a great solution.

Its good to see useful utility APIs that everyone can use, doing one thing, and doing it well!