Quora Exposes JSON API

Quora has exposed a JSON-based data API that allows users to access data about a currently logged-in user.

To request particular fields about the currently logged-in user, you can add fields to a query string and append to http://api.quora.com/api/logged_in_user.

kinlane-prkinlane-productions2 Currently supported fields include:
  • Inbox
  • Followers
  • Following
  • Notifs
Here is an example call: http://api.quora.com/api/logged_in_user?fields=inbox,notifs

This will return Inbox and Notification related information for the authenticated user.

This is not a full-blown API release by Quora. Quora engineer Edmond Lau posted information on Quora about the API, stating that it is in its alpha stage and is only meant to support existing Quora Chrome and Quora Firefox extensions.

Even though it doesn't have all the supporting elements of an official API release, the fact that the Q&A startup has established api.quora.com for its use, indicates that it plans to invest more energy around an official Quora API.