Visualize Big Data with BigQuery and Google Spreadsheets

Being the big data geek I am, I'm pretty excited that Google has integrated BigQuery with Google Apps Script and Google Spreadsheets.

This means you can take power of BigQuery for storing and querying of very large data sets and combine them using Google Apps Scripts with any of your Google Spreadsheets.

With a simple query Google Apps Script you can embed and process a query that pulls counts, fields and other information you use in spreadsheet columns and data visualizations. You can upload VERY large sets of data like the M-Lab dataset in BigQuery which contains 240B rows!

I think this is an excellent example of the power of cloud computing. You can take a web application like Google Spreadsheet and truly harness the computer power of the cloud and make sense of large data sets.

There is more information on their recent blog post BigQuery, meet Google Spreadsheets or visit the BigQuery website.