Music of the Stock Market

I am intrigued of any patterns or art you can extract from Big Data. I have been fascinated by the art of fractal mathematics since my 7th grade social studies teacher introduced me to them in 1984. Her boyfriend was an early pioneer in this field.

I was playing with the DOW piano, which takes the ups and downs of 2010's market into musical notes. Using a five-note scale spanning three octaves, pitch is determined by each day's closing level.

Heavy trading volume and most notably on the day of the May 6 "Flash Crash", leads to high musical volume. Notice the piano tends to play quietly around holidays. The notes are generally clustered in series of five, representing Mondays through Fridays. You can follow along with the graph to experience the market in a musical format.

It is an interesting way to take data that may or may not have an emotional attachment in our everyday life and renders in another format that we can digest. I think we will see more big data being translated into music in the coming years.