Google Reader in my Google Apps

I have two Google Apps accounts. One for and one for I primarily have these Google Apps for the email. So I just route [email protected] and [email protected] to my [email protected] account.

I have been using my free Gmail, Google Docs and Google Calendar for several years. Even though Google Docs and Google Calendar are available in my Google Apps accounts I stick with using them in my free Google Accounts.

kinlane-productions2 One of the main reasons I keep using my free account is Google Reader. Google Reader has never been available as part of the Google Apps suite. I would put Google Reader as my #1 or #2 most important application used in my daily life. I depend on Google Reader to deliver my feeds from 400+ sources I have cultivated over 3+ years. Google Reader is my knowledge intake and management system. Google added Google Reader to the Google Apps suite today. You can now access it as part of your business Google Apps account.

I have been considering migrating all my docs to my Google Apps docs account and begin using my Google Calendar in my Google Apps. I would then switch my Gmail accounts around and POP into my [email protected] via my [email protected] Gmail accounts.

Not that anything would happen to my free Google accounts, but it is definitely worth $50 / year for me to keep my email, events, and document data available and be able to add premium services, and more storage in my account. I think I will begin the migration during the holidays.