Essentials for My REST Print API Area

I have established the phase one for my Mimeo Connect REST Print API. I need just the essentials to get the API up and running.

I am focusing on providing just the following API building blocks:
  • Dashboard - Basic API area dashboard with essential links and information.
  • Registration - Allow developers to register with the live and sandbox Mimeo environments.
  • Account Management - Allow developers to manage the details of their accounts.
  • Overview - Overview of the Mimeo web tools and REST Print API.
  • Getting Started - A getting started guide providing developers with exactly what they need to get going.
  • REST API Documentation - General API document for all API services and end points.
  • JS / JQuery Examples - Simple JavaScript samples using the JQuery library.
  • PHP Samples - Simple PHP samples using the PEAR library.
  • Sandbox - Developer sandbox for developers to write code against and test applications.
These nine building blocks I feel are the bare minimum for any API area deployment. I call this an API area because it is a simple dashboard, registration and tools to begin integration. There is no community or living API ecosystem yet. I have a long way to go before that.

Even though I am putting together all the content for my REST API area I have not decided whether I will build or buy this platform. I am still discussing my goals with Mashery, 3Scale and Apigee. Once I get quotes from them I will make a decision on which path I will choose.

Regardless of whether I build or buy my API area these are the essential building blocks I need to open my API up for business.