fotobooks on Facebook

I'm going through the my list of existing and potential self-publishing and print-on-demand applications. First on my list is the fotobooks the Facebook social print application.

Its a pretty straightforward app allowing you to organize photos from your Facebook alkinlane-productions2to books. With 2 clicks you can have the application installed in your Facebook profile:
  • Click Getting Started from fotobooks home page
  • Allow the applications request for permissions
The application is now installed and you can assemble and order a fotobook in 7 steps:
  1. Click create new book
  2. Select cover design, and give book a title
  3. Drag photos from albums onto 19 pages of your fotobook
  4. Preview your fotobook
  5. Enter order quantity and delivery
  6. Enter shipping and billing information
  7. Pay $5.99 for the book with paypal express or credit card
The fotobooks application is a great example of the next generation of social publishing. I have hit a point of exhaustion with digital photos and social sharing of my photos. Social tools like and fotobooks have renewed my energy for taking photos.

fotobooks is first on my list of applications to showcase what is possible with the Mimeo Connect Print API platform. It is an existing application, stay tuned for more examples, and random ideas I come up with in my adventures as Mimeo Connect API Evangelist.