API Evangelist - The Business of Your API

I have launched a new site called API Evangelist. I have been operating in stealth mode because I'm not 100% done with all the API Ecosystem building block pages. I've had a couple people ask if I'm a perfectionist, and why don't I just launch. So here we go.

My goal behind API Evangelist. is to go beyond just the technology of APIs or being a directory of APIs like ProgrammableWeb is. I want to focus on the business of APIs, which is an area I feel is neglected in over 75% of APIS, even the successful ones.

API Evangelist reflects my research, and I'm looking to provide the following types of posts:
  • Analysis
  • Building Blocks
  • News
  • Review
  • Services
My goal is to monitor how the leading API providers are delivering their APIs to the world and managing their community. As I review APIs for the blog I enter them into a database and keep track of building blocks, technology, formats, and other characteristics. I will be providing more tools for searching and cross-referencing this data as time goes on.

You can view the site at: http://www.apievangelist.com You can view the blog at: http://blog.apievangelist.com

This site is my research and learning around the business of APIs, to put to use as the API Evangelist for Mimeo. As I pay attention to top API providers, API service providers, and best practices around the business APIs I feel there is a lot of value to share, and structuring it in this way helps me learn more.

Let me know your thoughts.