API Ecosystem Strategy

I am working on my API Ecosystem Strategy. First I started with the essentials for my Mimeo Connect REST Cloud Print area. These are the building blocks I must have to get my API open for business.

I can't stop there, these are only the essentials.

These building blocks only deliver what is needed to get access, learn about and get up and running using the REST Cloud Print API. There is much more needed.

I have assembled a set of phase two building blocks to help me market and support the API area:
  • Forum
  • Blog
  • Support Request Form
  • Pricing / Rate Limits
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • Twitter Profile
  • Facebook Page
  • How Tos
Once that is up and running I will be in a good place to support a wide variety of partners and developers looking to integrate with the REST Cloud Print API.

I can't stop there. I need more tools to enhance the developer experience and begin showcasing the developers, partners and the application and tools they are producing.

I have made a phase three list of building blocks:
  • Partner Showcase
  • App Showcase
  • Case Studies
  • Tutorials
  • Bug Ticket System
  • FAQ
  • Tour
  • Ideas
These would round off the Mimeo API area and give me to the tools to start evolving it into a community around API access to My Mimeo and Mimeo Marketplace.

Then I should be in a good place for 2011, to begin redefining print with the help of our community by merging traditional print and next generation of social, cloud and mobile technology.