Event Broadband Internet

I was reading The Chaos of BYOW (Bring Your Own Wi-Fi) on Cloud Ave yesterday. Several topics I've been talking about come to mind:
  • Scalable Internet Connectivity - A blog post I wrote about the disconnect between cloud computing and Internet connectivity.
  • Bottleneck In Cloud Computing Adoption - I've read several posts on this, but have not written one my self. Slow connections will prevent cloud computing adoption.
  • ATT Broadband and Mobile Internet Service - Discussions around quality of AT&T broadband and mobile Internet service.
Internet connectivity is definitely one of the biggest problems we face in delivering conferences, events and cloud computing services.

I work to deliver technology for some of the larger events in North America (SAP Sapphire, Google I/O) and I acknowledge this is big problem.

I spend a huge amount of time to provide redundant systems to our registration counters at conference centers, airports and hotels.

I see speakers and presenters have their sessions fail because of poor Internet connections.

These are technology conferences put on by technology leaders. There are so many issues to discuss on this topic. More to come.