Event and Conference Internet

After writing a little about the pathetic state of event and conference Wifi and 3G Internet I've continued going through my notes on this subject.

I really need to make progress in this area for events I manage, so I would like to put out the word that I'm looking for partners, both financial and technical to make a company that could deliver in this area.

Here is what I envision. A company that can deliver:kinlane-productions2kinlane-productions2
  • Last Mile Internet on Demand - Delivery rapid roll out, high quality broadband Internet (43mbps) to facilities as needed
    • Relationships - Negotiate relationships with existing ISP in and around major cities and facilities to provide hard connections on demand.
    • Technology - Using non line of site and line of site wireless technology to delivery last mile Internet on demand. Using vehicles as necessary.
  • High Density Network on demand - Delivery rapid roll out, high quality local area networks.
    • Targets - Conference centers, Trade shows, Festivals, Gatherings, and Emergency Support
    • Technology
  • kinlane-productions2kinlane-productions2
High quality broadband should be available to everyone at conferences and events. It is unacceptable that it isn't.

High profile event outages like Steve Jobs Keynote at WWDC, and Googles Keynote at Google I/O maybe related to other technical issues. This doesn't change the fact that many presenters and speakers at conferences experience outages due to network availability. I create extensive backup plans to deal with Internet connectivity for registration counters, kiosks, and other event technology to make sure they deliver.

The fact that we experience these issues over and over again at many high profile technology events just shows there is a greater problem with our Internet delivery system. I blame our good ol boy telco network.

This is something that is going to slow cloud computing adoption. We can't be selling unlimited processor and storage capacity when connectivity doesn't follow the same rules.

As nice as Amazon is to let us mail our data to Amazon S3, it is unacceptable that I am expected to spend 80 days to upload just 1TB of data over a T1 connection. I understand I cannot change the data rates, but there should be fiber to the door of every business, 1.5mpbs is not acceptable.

The American Good Ol Boy Telecom model will not work for the Internet age and will continue to slow innovation from delivery of services to the gathering of our smartest people at events.

Feel free to contact Kin Lane @ WebEvents Global, [email protected] / 916-759-0311 if you are interested in partnering.