Conference Badges

I see a lot of conference badges. WebEvents Global specializes in print on demand badges that make the conference check-in experience a breeze.

I just finished reading a blot post about Book on a Hook, a badge from The Web and Beyond 2010 event, held in Amsterdam.

They showcase badge being a useful as book that the attendee can actually get value out of, beyond just identification.

Google I/O created a very informative and entertaining booklet for their 2009 event.

I'm not 100% sold on the usefulness of your badge being a book, but I can how for some events it might work well.

I've brainstormed with various people on what makes the perfect event badge, from a high tech RFID card to giving every attendee an IPod Touch for use as a badge.

I would like to hear other innovative ideas for badges from attendees and event managers.