Project Managers and the Cloud

I keep talking about how cloud computing is changing IT, and IT managers need to pay attention. I just finished reading a blog that reminds me that project managers need to think about Cloud Computing as well.

It talks about several key points project managers should consider:
  • Moving Activities Upstream - Some items that usually occur downstream, once a project is in motion need to be addressed as part of the planning.
  • Dealing with New Risks - Be aware of common risks with cloud computing, and be prepared for new ones at any moment.
  • Cloud Computing Projects Will Be Different - Cloud computing is a different paradigm, even though it accomplishes many common business goals, but it is a new way of thinking.
I think many projects managers have already considered or are using cloud computing resources as part of their projects. They just might not be aware of it. Using Google Docs for collaboration or Youtube for training videos would all be considered within the realm of cloud computing.

Project managers should be well versed in the basics of what cloud computing is, and take advantage of several established cloud tools that can help them deliver projects more efficiently. I think the real opportunity is with project managers when it comes businesses making the switch to cloud computing. IT managers often will be too entrenched to move to quickly, and project managers can essentially be the front line when it comes to cloud migration.