Google IO Keynote - Day One

I am not blogging to among the A list bloggers or drive large amounts of traffic to my blog. I do this primarily for myself and as a result I tend to have some readers and followers. At conferences I tend to take notes and when I find time and get in the blogging spirit I will blog about these topics.

So here are some thoughts form the Google IO Keynote.

It was a good keynote. Some things they talked about that didn't affect me were google web toolkit and app engine. It is interesting to hear about but didn't apply too heavily. I intend to dive more into using the web toolkit and building apps that run on the app engine, but I'm not heavily into Java or Python development so this area limits me currently.

The area I cared about was the html 5 specification and their talk about its support for canvas and video integration. Video integration as part of the HTML specific just makes sense and is a given. It should be there with tag. Canvas I need to understand more, but I think it will help evolve the next generation of Web UI and User Interaction.

Continuing on with the HTML 5 specification they really emphasized beyond video and canvas into caching, local database and workers. Definitely are critical elements of bridging worlds between the desktop and web app worlds.

I am really getting into the local / offline operations within the browser because of the nature of the applications I am designing for WebEvents Global. Conference centers often have networks that go down are very slow, so we can not depend on them for web applications to be completely live. So this area interests me a great deal.

The next area they covered is the Geo Awareness of the next generation of browsers. They triangulate your position based upon wifi and cell tower ID's. This is definitely the future of web applications. Your browser knowing where you are and delivers information and advertising based upon th

Then they dove into android and where it is going. It is a slick platform that emphasizes the importance of mobile

They underscored this by giving everyone android phones