Google IO Wrapup

I am still processing my notes and information from the Google I/O conference in San Francisco last week. I will be making some individual posts on different sessions I attended.

I wanted to speak to my overall experience at the conference.

I had a little insight behind the scenese because even though I went as an attendee the company I work for WebEvents global handled the registration for the event. So I got to see a littlle of the behind the scense action.

As usual I am thoroughly impressed Google's approach. I like their style.

They reaffirmed for me that the future of computing is on a mobile platform. The Android platform will be a big part of this. They gave away great Android phones to every attendee, very Oprah style.

Then they made the announcment of their new Internet changing product Google Wave. It is the first product I've seen launched in a while where you just see that it is a game changer. Rather than it sneaking up on you like Twitter or something, where you spend a year or two explaining to people what it is before it takes off.

I thoroughly enjoyed their approach to cloud application development sessions, enterprise integration sessions and generally networking with all the people there.

More to come as I continue processing what happened.