Multi-Tenancy Definition and Overview in the Clouds

So I was laying down by the river today in the sun and had a set of initial thoughts around defining and quantifying my tenancy within the cloud.

I really want to see my presence more defined so I have a better understanding and control. Here are some initial thoughts.

So my presence in the cloud usually is going to reside in a tenancy slot at on or more data centers, without getting too technical. Depending on the size and importance of my company or presence my tenancy will be of concern to several groups, and offer different perspectives:
  • Client - This is my perspective or the client who is leasing this service. This is probably one of the more important perspectives.
  • Provider - This is the perspective of the service provider and what the client tenancy means to them.
  • Partners - This is the 3rd party view of my tenancy. I am hoping with my slot in the cloud I get some tools that allow me to interact with other 3rd party providers like using Google Secure Data Connect or an application programming interface. Hopefully I get a wealth of tools out of the box, but this interroperability is important to my tenancy.
  • Public - This is the public view of my tenancy. A web site, wiki, RSS feed. Any way that the public can get a view of my tenancy / slot in the lcouds.
  • Government - This is a new area I am thinking about regarding how things are defined in the cloud for use by regulators and the government. Now for us very small businesses we are just a blip, but for larger more important companies like AIG or CitiBank there should be a definition of their tenancy that can be quantified. I am still flushing this out, but this would feed regulatory agencies, cyber police, CIA, NSA and other infrastruture , privacy and security entities.
  • Industry - This is another new area, but some sort of demographics, security, privacy and other data that could certify or provide valuable data to approved organizations.
Areas of my tenancy that would have aspects across all those perspectives would be:
  • Redundancy - My presence across all the providers data center infrastructure. For eaxmple my presence across all amazon data centers so I know my footprint. If the east coast goes offline, can the west coast still see me? Is my data mirrored, etc.
  • Privacy - What are the privacy standards for my data, code, systems, messages and everything I own within my tenancy. What are you sharing with industry, government, marketers, etc.
  • Security - Explain what security measures there are regarding my tenancy. Internally, externally, logging, etc.
  • Interroperability - Explain how the interaction with other providers works. Do I get Google Integration, SAP Integration, SaleForce, Amazon S3 Storage, etc. How do I play with others?
  • SLA - Define the service level agreement. What can I expect?
  • Exit Strategy - Whe nI want to discontinue a service or leave altogether. How does this happen. How do I get my data? How do I get my code? What is the time frame? All the things that affect my business when I want to move on.
So these are just some of my initial thoughts around this crazy world of Cloud Tenancy. I see a lot of standards, definitions, and policies need be flushed out.

I track my presence at many 3rd party providers both business and personal. I consider this my 3rd party IT infrastructure definition. Its key to operating in a 2.0 world. However I see it evolving into a more cloud tenancy plan.

I will need to operate at multiple providers for different services. My development, training, prototype, and QA environment may exist at SkyTap and my production environment may live at Amazon Web Services and my office documents exist at Google Apps for your Business.

I am existing at three separate cloud tenancy slots. I need things defined on a lot of levels. for thought.