Government Adoption in the Cloud

A recent post called, How Cloud Computing is transforming global business really spoke to me. It was a very clear list of important factors on how Cloud Computing is transforming business. I would like to take the time and analyze each point in the post:

Government adoption: The federal government should become an early adopter and fund research. It can also accelerate competitive forces by insisting on standards to enhance privacy, security, openness, sustainability and interoperability.

Government has to lead the way on this. Even though with everything 2.0 the users are leading the charge, we still need the Government to take a position of leadership in adoption, education, and policy making.

The Government is in a position to fund projects that will fill in the gaps in privacy, legal, security and other areas that are threatening the adoption of cloud computing. They can fund state by state projects that will ensure the next wave of cyber / cloud work force from small communities all around the country.

The Government can fund and create incentives to build green and efficient new data centers across the country providing the necessary capacity needed to support cloud computing growth while bringing much needed revenue to small communities across the country.

The Government can faciliate discussion with other countries to develop solid policies of data exchange, security and legal issues around a world wide cloud computing infrastructure. While also ensuring the US remains a top player in this arena.

I can't stress enough on how much the Government needs to get involved. I think education is the biggest key. I would say starting with the education of congress and the key players in procurement of government IT contracts around cloud computing and its potential.