Software QA in the Clouds Using SkyTap

So I have been test driving a new cloud platform or tool every couple days as I have time. I took a test drive and demo of SkyTap last week. I wrote down some notes on it, but will be processing what I saw for some time.

It is a very innovative platform that allows you to deploy Infrastructure as a Service for prototyping, test, and laboratory environments.

One use I saw for it was Software QA for either desktop or web applications. You can quickly create base server images of different platforms you wish to test on. You can deploy these server images all at once and access through a single tab interface and test your product.

Once you encounter errors you can even package it up as it was left and share with a developer. That server image is shut down until that developer fires back up and they can leave off right where the QA person left it.

Very powerful stuff for software QA process. Definitely something any software or web development firms should check out. Would make their processes much more efficient and make it so you can find time to reach out to new platforms configurations.

Check them out at SkyTap.