Slideshare Event Platform Integration

The integration of 3rd party services in our event management platform is a key part of our development strategy. I evaluate new tools I find as well as constantly evaluate existing tools for new ways of using them as part of an event.

I was checking out slideshare more becuase I see it used all over the place. I noticed they have an event & conferences section to market your event.

You can also register as a professional speaker in the slideshare speaker directory.

Presentations are definitely a big part of pre, during, and post event operations. One way to store and present these slideshows is to use slideshare where you can also get some marketing value out of it.

They provide an API so you can seamlessly integrate into your existing system. Why store all your event presentations on your server when you can automatically upload them to slideshare.

Just some new ways to use existing tools out there.