Ubiquitous Oriented Architecture (UOA)

I have been working real hard for the last couple of months to design a solid base for my companies architecture.

I was seeing a new theme to my architecture planning, and as a typical geek I have to give this some name and / or achronym. So I came up with Ubiquitous Oriented Architecture (UOA).

I want one platform for delivering our data using web services to any platform possible. I want to deliver event management and marketing tools through whatever channel the user wants without really noticing the difference.

No matter what platform the user is on they can interact with the event, from using their mobile phone to an Adobe Air application on the desktop.

So thinking of my business objective in generic terms I came up with a platform I could only call Ubiquitous Oriented Architecture (UOA), because it utilizes Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (Paas), Web Oriented Architecture (WOA), Cloud Computing and many other popular architecture methodologies.

It ultimately spans all of them to create ubiquitous focus for your architecture planning. This is just my first crack at documenting this perspective I have ben playing with. Here is a diagram. Wish I could create them like Dion Hinchcliffe.

One thing I am thinking here is that you need to Open Source your entire delivery layer. That isn't where the money is at.

The only money at the delivery level is through domains you own and launch as specific business models. Open up all your channels to the public and change your development model. Let others do the work with you.

Then you make money on your private service layer and ultimately the data. That is where the money is at. And through specific domains you can make money as well. Take the case of Amazon as a sort of metric. Their AWS has proven to be extremely lucrative even over the retail operations at amazon.com.

Alright I just had to document this thought somewhat before moving on.