Content Creation for Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

Social media content is at the heart of the web these days. Blogs, Video, Images, Audio, and other social media is what you use to listen in on the conversation and build an awareness of the audience and conversation that is taking place. To participate in the conversation you need to communicate through the creation of content as well. Content creation is as simple as posting comments on blogs or employing a complete production team to make videos each week.Content creation starts with adhoc blog commenting and blog posting on your on blog. Then content creation grows when you start getting more organized and planning your content creation with a schedule, topical focus, keywords and url references, and much more planning and cohesiveness to your content creation.No matter how big your team is, planning is crucial to a clear, coherent, and relevant content creation for your social media campaign. Your content is your contribution to the social web and represents your companies online presence, so make sure it reflects how you want people to see you.
  • Article
  • Audio
  • Blog
  • Image
  • Slideshow / Screencast
  • Video
  • Wiki
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