Conversation Monitoring and Participation

On the Internet there is a conversation going on. Everyone is participating in this conversation, using Social media. Pick a topic, the environment, politics, Britney Spears or your product and people are talking about it. They talk about it using Blogs, on video using Youtube, with images using Flickr, and they share and interact with others using MySpace and other social networks.This conversation happens everyday with or without your company being involved, people are talking about business their services, products and other trends as they see them. They talk about their every day lives and how these products, services and trends affect them. They do this in a very open and sometimes brutally honest way.It is critical for every business to at a very least listen in on this conversation and see what people are saying. The conversation provides a realistic perspective of how your customer base views your industry, products, and services. The Internet gives us an opportunity to view this conversation in a way that focus groups and other traditional techniques do not provide.Monitoring the conversation is a great way for your business to build an awareness of your customer base, trends, and what your competition is doing. Monitoring can be done by reading blogs, forums, question and answer sites, video sharing, and other social networks.Reading and monitoring the conversation on daily basis will provide valuable information that your business can use through your business and marketing strategies. It will also give you an understanding of your audience and customers in a way that you may have never been able to before.
  • Audio Monitoring
  • Blog Monitoring
  • Contact Relationship
  • Forum Management
  • Question and Answer Monitoring
  • Search Engine Monitoring
  • Video Monitoring
  • Wiki Monitoring
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