Building Knowledge and Wisdom from the Conversation

Knowledge and wisdom is the most important piece you can extract from any social media campaign. Not matter what type of strategy you implement, learning from the conversation is where you should focus and the rest will come with it. Any amount of information can be obtained from many different conversational sources throughout your campaign, the following areas are typical conversational information sources; Blogs, Forums, Question and Answer Sites, Video Sharing Sites, Image Sharing Sites, Audio Sharing Sites, Search Engines.All this information can be organized in many shapes and forms for you to access. The real question is how you analyze and evaluate this information for it to become knowledge and wisdom.When monitoring the conversation it is easy to read what is said and evaluate from your perspective. The most valuable thing you can do in conversation monitoring throughout social media is to truly listen, and try and see the content from the public's point of view. The most limiting thing you can do is just to see things from your perspective.As you conduct any social media campaign information should be identified as being valuable to your efforts and gathered using RSS, XML and other methods and organized in a searchable and easy to organize database for access in the future.Your knowledge can be used to constantly steer your campaign, assist you in creating content, and help in driving your business and marketing decision throughout your business.
  • Audio Aggregation
  • Content Creation
  • Google Custom Search Engine
  • Google Docs
  • Google Notebook
  • Google Reader
  • Image Aggregation
  • Video Aggregation
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