Technology Carnival Barker Prediction Market Will Be Worth 2 Trillion By 2021

One of the themes that really stand out in my monitoring of the API space lately, is the quantity of information that is flowing around out there trying to convince all of us about what the next thing will be. When you are down in the weeds these things tend to flow by and do not mean much, and some even seem like they might be a reality. However, after you step away for a bit , and then come back, you really begin to notice how much is dedicated to shaping our reality across the digital space.

It feels like I'm walking through a real-time digital carnival with barkers coming at me every couple of blog posts and tweet. Believe in our DevOps solution! Come see my analytics dashboard here. IoT in the home is what you should be thinking about. Are you investing in VR? Blockchain will do it all! It is interesting to watch the themes that have legs, and the ones which are one night stands. Some of these are interesting carnival ride but most are barely a dime show attraction.

If I cared more, I'd be tracking on the claims being made, and associate them with a company, and even individual--keeping a score card for claims being, and what kind of track record people actually have (This will go down on your permanent record). Except I have better things to be doing and have to constantly work to stay focused on what truly matters--even amongst all this noise. I've never been one to make predictions like a real, pants wearing industry analyst, but think that the technology carnival barker prediction market will be worth 2 trillion by 2021.