Activated Two Factor Authentication With All My Critical Accounts

As I work to maintain my online presence, I am always looking for ways to keep my presence, data, and content-protected. My latest crusade is focused on two-factor authentication. While I did have two-factor authentication enabled for Google, I did not have it enabled for Github, AWS, and Apple. I am not sure why I hadn't, probably just a time thing, but now they are all activated.

I'm thankful that AWS, Github, and Google all use the Google Authenticator app which centralizes my management of the codes required to validate I am who I am. With all the hacks going on, specifically the most recent one from Yahoo, I am stoked to be using 1Password to manage all of my accounts, as well as employing two-factor authentication wherever it is available--especially on the accounts that are most import important to me.

If you aren't familiar with two-factor authentication it is a secondary way for platforms to validate who you are when your password is being changed, or your account is being accessed. Platforms can validate you with SMS or via the Google Authenticator app, but recently SMS has been deemed insecure--so try to rely on the authenticator solution when possible. If a service you depend on doesn't use two-factor, make sure and let them know it is important to you--there is even a handy service that will help you do this.

In the current online environment, we need all the protection we can get. Two-factor is currently one of the most important ways we can defend the online services we depend on. Make sure you active it on all your critical accounts--I recommend starting with your primary go-to locations like Apple or Google.