My Response To People Trying To Sell Me Email Lists of Corporate Users

If you are in the business of technology like I am, you probably get the random emails from people trying to sell contacts from leading technology companies. They are usually pretty savvy at getting past SPAM filters and are persistent at trying to sell the information of leading companies from SalesForce, Microsoft, Amazon, and pretty much any other company out there.

Like most of the SPAM in my inbox, I just flag and move on, which I have done with these types of emails, but they keep coming, so I crafted a template email to send back to them, like I do with many of the solicitations I get (I have a folder of templates).

Thank you for your unwanted solicitation. I hope you are doing well (I do not care, but this is what you do right?) I'm in the business of being a human in the technology space, not making a profit off of selling other people's information, but hell there is good money in it right?

Would you be interested in buying the contact information of people who sell other people's contact information? You see, I track the IP address and other details of every email I receive trying to sell me contacts. I then conduct research on who they are, discovering their name, home address, phone number, and where their children go to school.

If you think this is a good thing to do, and would like to buy these from me, please send me $$$$. Cause I'm greedy bitches. Please go the fuck away and get a life.


Kin Lane

I'm sure many of these people are just poor people doing the bidding of some pretty sleezy people who think this is a good business idea. I can't help but push back, especially when they get through the filters and take moments of my time away. Even though it is just seconds, it is still my valuable time.

I know that not everyone can find employment that is ethical and worthy of being proud of, but maybe I can scare a handful of folks to look for employment elsewhere, and move on. If not, at least I'm having fun, and I feel a little better.