Surveillance Will Continue To Be Disguised As Entertainment And Convenience

Two things Americans are suckers for are entertainment and convenience. We will give up almost anything if it makes our life easier, and keeps us entertained--no matter how simple that is. We love our movies, tv shows, and games, and we love everything to come to us from our shopping to our food, and our transportation. 

This is where technology will continue to be employed in the name of surveillance--whether its corporate level surveillance or in the government sphere. This is where we will willfully accept surveillance into our lives, and allow for ourselves to be digitally pwned, allowing for us bit by bit to also be physically pwned--perpetually keeping us down.

Whenever possible let's pause the game, and think twice about signing up for that new delivery service, and consider what we are giving up in exchange for this entertainment and convenience. Are the tradeoffs worth it? Are we being distracted while our information is between taken, or the technology in our lives being compromised?

Let's not let a surveillance state creep in around us just because we couldn't go without for just a little while.