Learning To Write Again

It's been almost three months since I've written anything on API Evangelist, and sitting down to form my thoughts into some sort of coherent blog post is proving to be more challenging than I imagined. I now realize how much of my storytelling has been driven by the momentum I have built up in six years of writing about APIs. 

There is no shortage of topics to write about. I have a pretty lengthy list, but actually bringing them to life is proving to be much more work than I remember it being. Each sentence takes me minutes instead of seconds, and my thoughts have to be pulled, rather than the usual flood of often overwhelming flow about the world of APIs. 

Normally the spark plug that connects my brain with my fingers is firing almost non-stop, but after weeks of being idle, it is taking some time before the spark fires as reliably as before. Maybe there is some gunk on the plug, or I need to gap the plug like I used to with my 1972 Volkswagen van--where is a grateful dead ticket when you need it?

Well, at least I am up and running...maybe this will get all cylinders firing again. I miss writing. I find the regular flow of ideas into my notebook, and then across my blog and research sites very rewarding. If nothing else, this summer has re-enforced in me how important writing is to my overall well-being and life balance.