I Feel Like The Savage In Brave New World -- I Just Want To Read Shakespeare

I feel like “the savage” in Aldous Huxley’s A Brave New World as I begin to get back to my Twitter stream and RSS feeds — I just want to read Shakespeare. I’m eight weeks into Drone Recovery, I just finished re-reading A Brave new World, and I am finding it very difficult to be interested in much that is the “tech space” flowing through the monitoring tool(s) I have historically used to keep track on the sector.

There are bits and bytes that still grab my attention, but overall I’m questioning why I ever was interested in things like bots, wearables, and many things IoT. As I step back and ponder all of this, I feel like there is a relentless assault of information and technology upon us daily, which keeps us in a state where it is difficult to ever process anything meaningful, and we are ultimately  forced accept what is next—even if it isn’t real or what we actually want.

The tech space is always looking for what's next, and we like to tell ourselves that all of it is inevitable, it is what we need, and it is what the tech wants. Rarely do we stop and ask questions about whether we truly need this, or should we be doing this, amidst the constant barrage of information, and social pressure from people around us--which all works to keeps us perpetually off balance. I am not saying any of these things aren’t real, just with all the momentum and social pressures, we are too weak to ever process anything deeply.

The most intense part of this summer drone journey is over, and I am spending a little more time getting back into my feeds and social streams. Not too much, just little bit as I have time in between trips. I’d say 50% of what flowed through my monitoring dashboard interested me before this journey began, and now I’d put that at about 5%. I am hoping to better understand how I can evolve this perspective, and develop some sort of shield (Captain Fucking America) which I can use in defense of the relentless assault that is the tech space. 

I am hoping with a little more defensive capabilities I will be able to see the space in a new light, possess a more critical eye, and see through what is keeping us down, and find the meaningful and important uses of technology that can actually help the world be the place where I want to live.