The Silence On Your Blog Is Way More Damaging Than Any Spelling Mistake On Mine

I get the whole spectrum of spelling and grammar trolls as the API Evangelist. I get the ones who are nasty, and leave comments about how they'd respect what I say only if only I'd learn to edit. All the way to my favorite ones who submit pull requests with corrections...and everything else in between. 

This post is about the ones in between, another class of spelling / grammar trolls who have their own blog, which isn't near as active as it should be. I always strive for quality editorial processes on API Evangelist, but it is something that after I read a post for the 3rd or 4th time, I have to step back from--good enough. Since I'm also the broke ass evangelist, I can't afford an editor either.

I understand the remaining spelling / grammar mistakes can be a sin, but I'm here today, to talk to you about an even greater sin! Perhaps one of the worst sins of all, in my opinion. Not blogging at all! If nobody hears your voice, your perfect spelling, and grammatical prowess will never matter, let alone your actual opinion.

I am judging all you, each and every day for the meaningful, impactful posts you aren't publishing!! Unacceptable! The silence on your blog is way more damaging than any spelling mistake on mine. ;-)