It Is Not You Being Evil I Worry About, It Is You Being Greedy And Priveleged

This posted started as a Tweet the other day, but since I'm in a ranty mood today, I pulled it out to help emphasize several other stories I've written today. A pretty standard response I get from folks who have been indoctrinated into the Silicon Valley culture, when I write or say something that is pushing back on VCs, is dismissing the fact that they are using technology for evil purposes.

Aside from this being a pretty shit simple, and broad response to a (hopefully) precise, nuanced argument, I'm not actually worried about 99% of you actually planning on doing evil and sinister things with technology. As with my last post on the unintended consequences of API patents, I don't think you are up to evil things, I just think that on your greed driven quest to be wealthy, and from your privileged position as a white male, you are missing a whole lot of bad shit that is happening along the way.

You see, I am not worried about the intentionally bad shit people do with technology, but I am very worried about the all encompassing need to get VC money for your tech idea, and all the bad shit that will happen along the way, and after you''ve cashed out (or failed) and moved on to your next idea. This is where the damage will occur, and because you enjoy a privileged place in the world, all the fallout you don't see from your vantage point, will be assumed by everyone else.

So please, do not talk about doing evil anymore in your arguments with me, and help me understand that you have done the hard work to understand the lower level, unintended negative fallout that is occurring every day from all y'all's quest for riches, fame, and tech glory.