This Reflects What It Felt Like For Me To Work In Washington D.C. Each Day

I was looking through President Obama's 2014: A Year in Photos today, and while many of the pictures evoke emotion for me, but this one in particular really summed up for me, the very short time I spent in Washington D.C., as a Presidential Innovation Fellow.

The number one lesson I walked away with from my time in Washington D.C., was a respect for the scope that exists is DC. Everything is big. Everything is under scrutiny. Everything is operating at a scale, I never had experienced before. If you think you get it, and have never worked there--you know nothing.

I respect anyone who can actually get ANYTHING done in this evironment--knowing this, I understand that my role is purely from the outside-in. I'm not saying everything there has the best possible motives, but you have to respect anyone getting ANYTHING done in an environment, where everything you do is being so heavily scrutinized.