Please Provide Me With More Information Before We Speak On The Phone

As an independent operator, I have to be very thoughtful about how I spend my time. With this in mind, it is helpful for me to have a standard response that I can give to people who make requests for phone conversations.

If we do not have a prior relationship, or a referral from someone I know well, the chances I’ll just jump on a call are slim. Please provide me with as much information on what you are up to, in as short, and concise way as you possible can.

I’m just looking for a title, executive summary and some supporting links to prime the pump. I’m happy to make time, but I need some sort of way to make sure what you need is a fit for you, and for me. I get a lot of folks who don’t quite understand what I do, and if I responded to every request, I'd be on the phone all day--thus I wouldn't be the API Evangelist anymore. ;-(

I appreciate your understanding. Additionaly I find this request helps people articulate their ideas and needs better, making the time we do spend on the phone, much more productive for both of us. I look forward to hearing more about your idea!