Sorry I Do Not Want To Take Your Survey

I get a number of emails, instant messages, and other channel requests to take surveys. All of which I say no thank you. I don’t take surveys, I don’t care what you offer me, I hate the format, and refuse to take part. Surveys remind me of taking tests in school or the corporate work environment, where people were trying to measure my knowledge, performance or otherwise.

I’m sure that survey’s work in many environments, where you can incentivize folks to fill out your form. I’m sure some of the answers are even what you are looking for, but I’m sure there are many other folks like me who do not give a shit about jumping through hoops to answer questions, even if it is for an important cause.

In 2014 I can't help but think there are better ways of doing surveys, and wish someone would come along and do something about it. I don't mind being asked questions, but in my busy day I do not have time, or interest in filling out a long questionnaire. Maybe you could do your survey over the course of a couple days or weeks, via Twitter or other social media channels.

Seems to me that you could easily target a group of individuals via social media, populate a list of questions you are looking to have answer, then time questions so they get asked in a simple, conversational manner that is not intrusive, or disrupts my world. I'd be happy to answer your questions (well not always), but for many companies, brands, and on interesting topics I'd be happy to help in a way that fit better with my flow.