No Mojo For Writing On The Road

I’m sure some of you are happy when I go on the road, because the number of blog posts I publish goes significantly down. I get a lot of folks who jokingly complain about the volume I write, and state it is difficult for them to keep up sometimes. Not sure how I can help you with this one, maybe better read it later tools, or ask your boss to carve out reading time at work on a regular basis. ;-)

When I am on the road I find it very difficult to find the "mojo" to write. Ever time I come home from a trip I will have nflumerous Evernote entries derived from random ideas I've had traveling. There are no shortage of ideas while I roam the world, but the ability to actually think an idea through, flesh it out, and tell the full story is really, really difficult for me when I'm in motion. Many managers I've had over the years, often consider writing to be an “easy” task—"just write those 500 words about that topic, it is just words in a certain order, right?" #nottrue

There are some posts that I write that don’t take much energy, but many posts Ineed write in a place that I just can't always access when traveling, worried about making my flight, finding a taxi, networking for dinner, or just plain too tired to even have a deep thought. This is why, when I come home you will find a serious uptick in the number of blog posts I publish, because I'm finally able to settle into my "happy place", where there is endless amounts of “mojo” to tap, when it comes to telling API stories.

This makes me happy to once again be home, and is why I will continue to reduce the amount I travel in 2015, because I feel like my writing is much more important to my own well-being, something I hope contributes to the overall health of the APi space.