Main Stage Conversations At #APIStrat Next Week in Amsterdam

We are getting close to the API Strategy & Practice conference in Amsterdam next week. With less than one week left, I’m going to be really turning up the volume on API Evangelist about the conversations that will be going on at #APIStrat.

Last week I took a look at the 15 sessions that are happening, and today I’m taking a look at the keynotes, chats and panels that will be happening on main stage.

Thursday March 27th

  • Keynote: Ken Wronkiewicz (@wirehead),Technical Leader at Rackspace, Open Stack.
  • Keynote: Romain Huet (@romainhuet), Developer Advocate at Twitter, Connecting to the pulse of the planet.
  • Keynote: Mehdi Medjaoui (@medjawii), Co-founder at &, Scale the API Economy with the Open API Definition Leap Of Faith
  • Fireside Chat: Tyler Singletary (@harmophone), Director of Platform at Klout, Interviewed by Kin Lane, API Evangelist.
  • Keynote: John Sheehan (@johnsheehan), Co-founder & CEO at Runscope, John is an API fanatic with over 15 years of experience working in a wide variety of IT and software development roles.
  • Fireside Chat: Gordon Hollingworth, Director of Software at Raspberry Pi, Interviewed by Robin Wauters, from || Gordon is the Director of Engineering at Raspberry Pi in the UK - currently the worlds fastest growing computer company. Pi's are now used in all sorts of applications from standard desktop computing to embedded systems.
  • Keynote: Mike Amundsen (@mamund), API Architect at Layer7, Self-Replication, Strandbeest, and the Game of Life What von Neumann, Jansen, and Conway can teach us about scaling the API economy.

Thursday March 28th

  • Keynote: David Haskiya (@Europeanaeu), Product Development Manager at Europeana
  • Keynote: Eva Sjokvist (@evasjokvist), Product Owner at Absolut Vodka The story on how Absolut created the world's first API for cocktails and the innovation that followed.
  • Keynote: Frank Kresin (@kresin), Research Director at Waag Society City SDK: tons of data, dozens of cities, one API.
  • Fireside Chat: Renaud Visage (@), Founding Technical Engineer at Eventbrite Renaud is the founding technical architect of Eventbrite and is responsible for the internationalization of our platform. Say what?! Basically, the man cooked up Eventbrite’s secret sauce. He built the engine that runs the entire platform. And now he’s revving it and spreading it around the world.
  • Panel: Enterprise APIs - Panelists: Isabelle Mauny (@isamauny) Director of Product Management at WSO2, Ismail Elshareef (@ielshareef) Open Platform at Edmunds , Laura Heritage (@heritagelaura) Principal Consultant at SOA Software , Toralf Richter (@ToralfRichter) Senior Manager Engineering at Tom Tom Business Solution
  • Keynote: Kat Borlongan (@KatBorlongan), Co-founder at Five by Five Kat Borlongan is an open data enthusiast with many different hats. Currently, she is the co-founder of the Paris-based open data agency Five by Five and directs the Open Data Institute Paris.
  • Keynote: Adam Wiggins (@hirodusk), Hacker & Entrepreneur. Co-founder at Heroku Hackability, Part 2. The Role of APIs in a Hackable World.
  • Keynote: Adam DuVander (@adamd), Developer Communications Director at Sendgrid Join us for a chat with Adam from Sendgrid, where we will discuss his role at SendGrid, but also explore the wider world of APIs from the former editor at ProgrammableWeb.

Let’s look at the companies represented here: Rackspace, Twitter, Webshell,, Klout, Waag Society, CitySDKRunscope, Raspberry Pi, Layer7, Europeana, Absolut Vodka, WaaG Society, Eventbrite, WSO2, Edmunds, SOA Software, Tom Tom, Five by Five, Heroku, and SendGrid. That is over 20 separate companies who are leading in the API space, for you to learn from.

At #APIStrat in Amsterdam you won't just get a chance to hear these talks, you will have the opportunity to mine and have conversations with these API leaders. Make sure you are registered for #APIStrat and don’t miss out on the latest API conversations.