EU Companies Wanna Be Here, US Companies Wanna Be In Ireland

I’m spending a lot of time looking at the API landscape in Europe, trying to understand the companies behind some of the valuable API resources emerging from across the pond. It can be tough to determine the country of origin for many tech companies, for two reason:

  1. Many European companies want to look like they have a presence in San Francisco, to get the funding they need to take it to the next level
  2. US companies are establishing a European presence, specifically in Ireland to avoid some of the tax burden they experience in the US

I wonder what all this financial positioning will do to the global economy? Many companies proudly wave the flag of their origin company, but others do not. US corporations definitely do not have any allegiance to their country of origin.

It will be interesting to watch the Internet change the world, and how the money flows, especially when viewing it through the lens of the API economy.