Building Hyp3rL0cal Web and Mobile Apps

I needed a way to tell the story of the CityGrid API from the perspective of cities across the United States.  The way I tell stories is through programming and hacking on APIs, so I needed a project that would allow me to hack on CityGrid’s placesreviews and offers as well as play with different ways of using the web, mobile and custom advertising we offer.

So I created Hyp3rL0cal, my playground for all things local.   Hyp3rL0cal gives me a place to publish projects that I hack on using the CityGrid APIs, while also telling the story of what I build in real-time.  You can find local applications I build in a variety of languages, complete with links to download and fork on Github, and even in some cases I publish Amazon Machine Images (AMI) with the code already loaded and ready to use.

As the API Evangelist at CityGrid I will be touring around the country attending hackathons and conferences,  spreading the word about CityGrid, and interacting with developers in different cities.  Each city I visit, I will launch a copy of my local directory prototype for that city, and publish to Hyp3rL0cal.  This will allow me to see the quality of data available via CityGrid APIs for each city and community I visit.

I have added a blog to Hyp3rL0cal where I will tell the story of my projects and travels around the country evangelizing about CityGrid.  Come back often, I hope this will be as much of a learning experience for you, as it is for me.