Local, Geo Landscape Roundup - January 9th, 2012

From the Foursquare Blog

From the Facebook Developer Blog

  • Facebook Platform SDK Support- (12-30-2011) - Over the last few weeks, we have had several questions from developers as to which SDKs we support. We wanted to clarify that we provide support for the following: JavaScript SDK: source & documentation PHP SDK: source & documentationi OS SDK: source & documentation Android SDK: source & documentation.
  • Platform Updates: Operation Developer Love- (12-28-2011) - Last week we announced Mobile Hacks in New York and Boston and outlined new features we are making available to games developers. With the worldwide rollout of Facebook Timeline underway, we are beginning to the process of reviewing Open Graph actions submitted for approval. We expect to start approving actions in January and will post an update once we begin to approve actions in earnest. Once the action is approved, the person who submitted the action for approval will receive a Facebook notification and the app can begin publishing this action to all users.

From the Fwix Blog

  • More Facebook Users than Buddhists- (12-27-2011) - Check out this neat visualization of different gatherings of people. Size of the bubble represents population and colors represent different types of gatherings, including religions, countries, online services and mass fatalities.

Tweets from InfoChimps

  • (12-29-2011) 10 Trends for Online Marketers in 2012 http://t.co/IQv5x3EN via @entmagazine
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Tweets from Acxiom

  • (12-29-2011) A look back on marketing trends of 2011 - new media, social CRM, and more - and questions for what's to come in 2012 http://t.co/P2R6KtoE