Quick Printing of Articles and Whitepapers from Website

I was reading an article today called, "What Do I Want from the Publisher of the Future?" on PLoS computational Biology, apeer-reviewed open-acccess journalpublished by thePublic Library of Science.

After I finished kinlane-productions2d they had a download as PDF or XML, and it also had an EzReprint link, which takes to a page hosted byOdyssey Press, that allows you to print one or more copies of the article in color or black and white, and choose a cover.

This is exactly what you can do withMimeo Connect. I am working to make it as easy as possible to publish a "print now" button to any site, just by providing the URL of a PDF for any document you wish to print.

We currently haveprint widgets that you can deploy on your own site, using PHP, but we still do not have any plug and play widgets that make printing of articles and whitepapers easy. I am rolling out four new APIs in the coming weeks that will make our print now widgets, easier to embed on and website or application.